Welcome to Model of Consciousness. It is an attempt to explain human consciousness from a Western, post-secular perspective. I dedicate this project to the youth, may they find it helpful.

There are two aspects to this dynamic model:

1. The Four Quadrant Model and...

2. The Sphere of Consciousness, which moves around the model.

1. The Four Quadrants

Ken Wilber describes a four quadrant model of conciousness that is used here in a modified version. (see: Ken Wilber)

2. The Spheres

The Ego-centric Sphere: In the West the Sphere of Consciousness resides in the Explicate for most of the time, for most individuals. To successfully negotiate the Implicate, consciousness first needs to be centred with dualities reconciled and resolved: the Ego-centric Sphere. To attain centred consciousness the mind must be still, Yoga and meditation are helpful.

The Psycho-centric Sphere: The centre of the Model is a fountain of truth, knowledge and love. Search for it and you will find it the journey is very rewarding!
I wish you well. With love, RAM.